3D Scanning Service

Get fast and accurate CAD drawings or 3D models of your parts with our laser scanning services.
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3D Scanning of Radiator

How Can 3D Scanning Help You?

The process of 3D scanning involves using a laser to capture the coordinates of different surfaces, collecting millions of points to form a digital representation of the object scanned known as a “point cloud.” Our technicians can convert this scan data into a CAD file or drawing, which can be used to reverse engineer, prototype, or manufacture your part.
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How Does Our 3D Scanning Service Work?

Using our 3D laser scanner and advanced software, we can provide you with an exact digital representation of your physical object.
Meeting with Client for 3D Scanning Services

1. Assess Your Object

Contact us to discuss your project. We will verify that our 3D scanning services can be applied to your project and determine which file size works best. Next, you can deliver your object to our office location for scanning.

Scan to CAD Process for Part with Handheld Scanner

2. Scan Your Object

Our team will then scan your part and develop it into a 3D mesh model with accurate dimensions. We can scan objects of any size—from small parts to large objects such as automobiles.

3. Provide Deliverables

Finally, our technicians will send you detailed drawings or models that you can use to prototype or manufacture your product. Your part will also be returned.

Reverse Engineering

If you have a part that is broken and needs repair, or a legacy part you would like to replicate, our experts can help. We can quickly produce detailed CAD files to recreate broken parts or parts no longer in production through our 3D scan to CAD process. Depending on the project, we can provide you with CAD that either captures your part’s physical dimensions or reflects its design intent. You can then use these files to manufacture or prototype your part.
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CAD Drafting Services Model of Part

Capture Accurate Dimensions

Creating a 3D model of your part using hand measurements is a time-consuming process. With our 3D laser scanner, we can quickly capture the dimensions of your part and provide you with a detailed digital model. Our scanning solutions give you the ability to prototype or manufacture your part easily.
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CAD Drafting Services Model of Custom Designed Parts

Generate CAD Files and 3D Models for Your Product

Once our technicians have scanned your object, we can use the scan data to create highly accurate drawings. Unlike traditional methods of measurement, scanning allows us to capture every detail of your object to generate quality CAD. With our 3D scan to CAD process, you can easily 3D print, inject mold, or machine your part.
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CAD Drafting Services Model of Custom Part
Hand with Small Custom 3D Printed Part

Our 3D Scan to CAD Technologies

We can scan a variety of objects, from small parts to large objects such as automobiles. With our array of scanning technology, we can help you capture accurate measurements for almost any part. Regardless of the size, geometry, or level of detail, our experienced technicians will work with you to deliver quality drawings or models for your object. We can help you scan:
  • Equipment
  • Custom parts
  • Prototypes

Interested in Our 3D Scanning Services?

Talk with our experts to see if 3D scanning is a right fit for you.
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