How to Modify Your Car with 3D-Printed Replacement Parts

3D-printed replacement parts for intake manifold

Modifying your car is expensive, especially if you need custom parts. How can you make this process more affordable?

One tool that can help you save money on car modification is 3D printing. With 3D printing, you can create car parts more affordably than with traditional manufacturing.

Below, we list a few of the most commonly 3D-printed car parts, including cup holders, grills, and dashboards. Plus, we’ll show you three ways to modify your car while staying under budget with 3D-printed replacement parts.

What Type of Car Parts Can You 3D Print?

3D-printed replacement parts for MGB: grill rendering

3D printing allows you to create a range of car parts, from trim pieces to body parts. Here’s a list of the most commonly 3D-printed car parts:

Interior Parts

Customizing the inside of your car is easy with 3D printing. You can 3D print the following items: cup holders, dashboard panels, dials, switches, air conditioner vents, and center consoles. A 3D printing firm can help you personalize these parts using different materials, colors, and finishes.

Body Parts

3D-printed replacement parts for the engine of a MGB.

A large-volume 3D printer can create body parts like bumpers, hoods, grills, trim panels, and headlight buckets. You should use durable 3D printing materials to create these parts like ABS, ASA, TPU, or PETG. These materials will ensure your part stays intact despite regular wear. One benefit of 3D printing car body parts is weight reduction, which can improve your car’s performance.

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3 Ways to Modify Your Car with 3D-Printed Replacement Parts

1. Reduce Car Weight and Boost Horsepower

Reducing weight from your car is a good way to boost its horsepower. A lighter car means better handling and performance on the road. By swapping your car parts for 3D-printed parts, you can reduce their weight by up to 80%, which lessens the load on your car.

Here are two ways you can reduce the weight of your car with 3D-printed parts:

Material Substitution

One way to reduce weight is through material substitution, a process in which you swap heavy materials for lighter ones. Using 3D printing, you can replace heavy car parts with 3D-printed parts made from durable materials like ASA, carbon fiber, or ABS. These 3D-printed parts match the strength of the original components while being up to 80% lighter, improving car performance and mileage.

Part Consolidation

Another way to reduce weight is through part consolidation, which combines multiple parts into one component. This process is only possible with 3D printers, which can create complex shapes that traditional manufacturing can’t replicate. Consolidating your car parts with 3D printing helps you create a functional design for your part which outperforms the original components.

2. Replace Legacy Parts on a Budget

Tracking down legacy parts for classic cars is tedious. Rather than order your parts through a manufacturer, you can 3D print them to save money. 3D printing is cheaper than traditional manufacturing because it has lower production costs, making it perfect for creating out-of-production parts.

A 3D printing firm can easily reverse-engineer your part. To replicate your part, a technician will use a 3D scanner to capture its geometry and convert it into a digital model. Next, the technician will prepare the model for 3D printing, fixing any flaws or cracks in the model. Once the model is ready, you can 3D print your part using any material, color, and finish to customize its appearance. The final product will perform the same as the original part.

3. Develop Cheap Customized Car Parts

You can also use 3D printing to customize your car parts. 3D printing doesn’t require tooling or setup like traditional manufacturing, which lowers the cost of production. 3D printers can also produce complex structures that are impossible to create using traditional manufacturing practices.

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By using 3D-printed parts to modify your car, you can improve your car’s performance, reduce its weight, and add personal touches. Do you have any questions about how to create customized 3D-printed parts for your vehicle? Schedule a free consultation with one of our 3D printing experts here.